In 2004 founding members of Cistra Technologies Inc. realized that large gaps and differences existed in the performance and capability between large and small companies computing environments, thus giving an unfair competitive advantage based on company size and structure. Our founding members set out to develop an Enterprise computing environment for use by small and medium sized businesses at prices they could afford.

Investing over 20,000 man-hours of time into research, development and testing, and further building on a cross section of IT Specialists and Business Professionals, led to the formation of Calgary based, Cistra Technologies Inc in 2005.

Today, not only are we very proud of our past accomplishments, and our flagship system “Cistra Innoterm”, but to those who helped make it all possible!


Kevin Herkendaal – Managing Director/Operations & Systems Implementation:

Mr. Herkendaal is one of the original founders and visionaries behind the companies’ flagship product Cistra Innoterm. His unyielding passion and leadership has been the cornerstone for Cistra Technologies Inc.

Mr. Herkendaal is responsible for the coordination of business development activities, general management, and oversees client Application & Implementation of Cistra Innoterm.

Along with a B.Tech in CIS, and various management certifications; he brings 19 years of experience in SMB management and IT consulting in industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Financial Services and the Medical Industry.

His thorough understanding of SMB market gaps in Information Technology has lead to his innovative ideas and system enhancements, creating a unique bridge between enterprise level systems and SMB needs.


Ken Shuler -Managing Director/Systems Operation:

Mr. Shuler is responsible for overseeing and providing operational leadership for Cistra’s operating systems & data-centers. As a founding member of Cistra Technologies Inc., Mr. Shuler was instrumental in the development, implementation and execution of Cistra’s flagship product, Cistra Innoterm.

With over 17 years of experience as an accomplished technician and professional administrator in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS; coupled with his past business experience in sales, marketing and general management, as a successful entrepreneur of several companies; he has been a driving force in understanding the needs and developing new creative and innovative solutions for the SMB IT market in which Cistra operates.


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