Purchasing Innoterm:

Q:  I have 10 full-time employees, what is required to purchase and use Innoterm?

A:  10 user accounts would be required for 10 full-time employees.

Q: I have part-time employees; will each user require an account?

A: No. Shared accounts can be set up for part time user, thus reducing the amount of full time accounts you need to purchase.

Q: Are there licensing fees or costs for each computer with the Innoterm system on it?

A: Not at all. Innoterm is licensed by user not terminal.

Q: How am I billed, how can I pay, and do you offer volume discounts?

A: Your company is billed monthly in advance for each user account which can be paid by credit card, cheque, or direct deposit.

Cistra Innoterm is competitively priced offering its clients value and a stable computing environment. Volume discounts may apply for companies requiring 20 user accounts or more.

Installation of Innoterm:

Q: Is there a cost for installation?

A: Yes, there is a setup fee of $199.00 + GST and applicable taxes.

Q: Can I install Innoterm myself?

A: Unfortunately not, our highly trained technicians are required to install software, security and gather your data for transfer to our system to maintain system integrity and high levels of security.

Q: Is there anything I need to do prior to installation?

A: Yes there is. Your computer will need to be swept for existing viruses and security threats from prior use. You can either have your current IT provider perform a sweep, or we can take care of this for you. Note: This is NOT included in our system set up fee.

Q: Can I install Innoterm on more than one computer per user account?

A: Yes you can. Additional charges will apply for technician’s time and applications.

Q: What type of internet connection can be used for the Innoterm system?

A:  dial-up connection can be used for a single user. DSL or high speed is recommended for maximum performance. In fact, a portable internet device can be used very effectively as well when a connection is not present or in remote areas.

Large numbers of users at a single location will require sufficient bandwidth for proper speed and performance of the Innoterm system.

General Questions:

Q: Once we decide to switch to Innoterm, how long does it take to fully implement the system?

A: Generally speaking we can have you fully switched in 14 days. Please note that larger installations or system complications may require additional time. Proper planning and installation ensures the best computing experience.

Q: Do I have to use my computer to access the Innoterm system for my e-mail, programs, and data?

A: Our sophisticated system and cutting technology allows you to access your complete desktop from any computer connected to the internet whether it’s your computer or someone else’s.

Q: What happens if my computer is lost, stolen or crashes, what happens to my programs and data?

A: Your desktop data, programs and e-mail are 100% secure, and available still from any computer. Once your system is repaired or replaced we can have you back up working quickly, easily and worry-free. Again remember you can still continue to work as usual until your hardware is restored or replaced from any other terminal you desire.

Your sensitive data is kept out of the hands of thieves since your information lives on our secured servers… NOT on your computer.

Q: So you mean I can travel without taking my computer?

A: Absolutely. Access to your complete data and e-mail can be done at your hotel, an internet cafe or any other public access computer through our secure web portal.

Q: When I am travelling and attempt to access my e-mail is it webmail?

A: No, you access your regular live desktop and e-mail system in real time.

Q: Does Cistra supply it’s users with Help Desk support?

A: Yes we do. Cistra provides our help desk and support site for questions and problems relating to the operation of the Cistra Innoterm environment.

We do not provide support or training of any software applications.

Q: What software support is covered by Innoterm?

A: Any software provided by Cistra as part of an Innoterm package is updated, maintained at no additional charge. Any software not provided by Cistra as part of the Innoterm package, which is hosted on behalf of our clients for use within the system must be maintained and updated by a third party technician. Cistra may be able to provide technical support and maintenance of select software packages at market hourly rates. Ask your Cistra Representative for details.


Q: I have an application required to run my business that is not offered by Cistra. Can I use this in the Innoterm environment?

A:Each software application is considered on a case by case basis, based on system compatibility. Many applications are known to work and can be hosted without additional testing. Unknown applications may require compatibility testing at the expense of the user. Please note there are additional charges for hosting third party applications.

Q: Do I have to purchase special printers to work with Innoterm?

A: No, virtually any printer you currently use on your existing computer will work with Innoterm.

Q: Do we need to upgrade our computers to use Innoterm?

A: In most cases no. After the install of Innoterm, your computer is really only used as a screen and keyboard. In most cases it will perform better since all of your data is housed on our servers not on your hard drive.

Q: I already own Microsoft Office, can I use my licenses in Innoterm?

A: Unfortunately not. Standard Microsoft licensing keys a software package to an individual computer. Cistra’s subscription service allows us to offer the majority of Microsoft software on a monthly basis. You only pay for what you need and require.

Q: Do I have to pay for upgrades to software provided by Cistra as part of the Innoterm package?

A: In most cases no. Regular updates to Microsoft software and many other applications are preformed automatically and free of charge.

Q: Can I install my own software applications onto the Innoterm system?

A: No. Innoterm is a highly secure and stable environment, and is maintained by trained technicians.

Innoterm System Features

Q: If I left my computer unattended would anyone have access to my sensitive data and information?

A: Innoterm features automatic password protection which shuts off and secures your desktop after a short period of inactivity. The user name and password must be supplied to regain access to the desktop session.

Q: Can I use a Blackberry or other PDA on the Innoterm system?

A: Cistra Innoterm supports most blackberries, any windows mobile PDA’s, and offers no support for Palm or other PDA’s.

Q: Can any other security features be added to the existing system?

A: Yes, Cistra is currently working to bring you the option of adding Smart Card and/or Biometrics authentication.

Q: Can I transfer files to and from my computer to my Innoterm desktop?

A: Of course you can. This is easily done through your windows explorer just like you currently do with your current computer.

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