Our Experience:

Sabina Souliere, President, Executive Steps Inc.

 “I have been a client with Cistra for several months, and not only have I been extremely satisfied with the service I receive, but very impressed with the Innoterm system itself. Having a business where I heavily rely on a stable computing system to function without disruption saves us time and money and enables my business to grow in a positive direction. I would recommend Innoterm by Cistra Technologies Inc to any organization wanting a worry free, stable and secure computing system”

Shawn Ripley, Project Manager, Corporate Hospitality Development.

“Cistra Innoterm has changed the way I work. I received an urgent call one evening asking for some clarification on a proposal I had made for an important client. I did not have my laptop with me and gave my regrets to my host informing him and the other guests that I would have to take my leave for the evening. I then realized I could access everything I needed from any computer and asked to borrow my host’s computer. In fifteen minutes I had accessed my proposal, made the notes, sent email, and was back to my evening without a disruption. I can’t see working without Cistra Innoterm.”

Glenn Chomiak, Personal Development/Executive Coach, Lifecraft Coaching.

“My experience and use of Innoterm has taken my coaching practice to a new level. Not having to even think about back up of my company and client’s highly sensitive data and system security is absolutely brilliant. Being able to access my complete desktop anywhere, at home, or even at a client’s office is a massive advantage. I coach for work/life balance; I can honestly say that Cistra Innoterm contributes to one’s balance when it comes to work, saving you time and money. Nice job!”


Dennis Carmichael, P. Eng./Managing Director, Polycore Tubular Linings.

“Speaking from experience as a start-up company, Cistra has been vital in our company’s growth by supplying the knowledge, experience, systems and personnel to cover all our company’s IT needs.

Cistra has provided us with secure data storage on their servers, web hosting, been our e-mail provider and synchronized our e-mail to our PDA’s! And Cistra has provided all this and more for low monthly user and service fees. 

I would strongly advise any small to mid-size company who are in need of IT assistance and are looking to outsource this service, to give Cistra a try. We have and have been very happy we did!”

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